At Wise Living, we believe in Independent Living for Seniors! We don’t think you should have to sacrifice the lifestyle you are accustomed to or give up your connection with your community to transition in to Retirement. Why surrender your personal and financial independence when at Wise Living you can continue to own your own home and be the decision maker while gaining the peace of mind and freedom that comes with 24-hour on site staff and building security, maintenance free living, culinary service, luxurious amenities and more!

At Wise Living we believe that is it is important to be connected with a vibrant, year round community; that’s why all of our properties are located in Village Centers, just around the corner from friends and neighbors, the local library, post office, parks, restaurants and businesses!

The many advantages that define Wise Living senior communities are unique and tailored to your active lifestyle. Your physical, financial, and personal requirements for living are important to us, that’s why our senior communities are developed with your needs in mind. We are pleased to offer you every advantage for comfortable retirement living. Whether your children are grown, your house is larger than you require, your personal needs are increasing, or now is right time for you to live your life exactly the way you want to, Wise Living can offer you a seamless transition in to your retirement!

When Chris Wise, founder and CEO of Wise Living, couldn’t convince his grandmother to move to a retirement facility he began searching for an appropriate alternative – a senior complex connected to a real American town.

He envisioned an intimate place where houses of worship, libraries, theaters, parks, shops, and restaurants were easily accessible and welcoming. After failing to find such an ideal for his grandmother, he built it for her in Chatham, Massachusetts. That was the start of Wise Living.

Wise Living is recognized as a leading developer and manager of independent senior living communities on Cape Cod. Since its inception in 1990, Wise Living continues to develop and provide professional property management to independent senior living communities across the Cape. The members of the Wise Living Team bring together an extraordinary breadth of experience and expertise in the development, construction, hospitality, service, property management senior housing sales & marketing, legal, and financial management fields.

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